About Us

Servimundo International Corporation constitutes a team of members from different countries and multiple lines of products. Our company began operations in Panama on 2010 as a commercial and strategic selling point for Panama and other Central American countries with a variety of specialized products. Our Gold SMF-2 is a premium vegetable oil used in the production of dairy, baked and fried foods. Servimundo is a young company that was established to contribute to the growing and technological business needs of sustainable organizations in the market. Our international team made of dynamic and responsible individuals with roots in the Asian, American and Latino market offer a personalized service to our customers. They adapt and conform to achieve our customers’ expectations. We provide new technology to improve and make a company competitive in their respective market. We always seek to honor our commitments in our relations, to maintain lasting and beneficial relationships with our clients.  The majority of companies have a vision of high-quality products, and lower cost in their production line to be competitive. We possess everything to meet your needs and are confident to become your business partner of choice.




Solutions for a healthier and sustainable life are our motto.


Our purpose is to deliver a product that is sustainable and beneficial to consumers as well as to offer a top notch service that meet our customers’ needs and expectations while complying with local and international regulations.

Core Values

Sustainability: Our company manufacturing and distribution process offers a competitive advantage over its competitors.
Technology: State of the art technology is used in the production of our products.
Quality: We are committed to the manufacturing and distribution of a high-quality product following industry standards and consistency.
Customer Satisfaction: Our international team goes above their call of duty to meet customer expectations.
Build Relationships that Last: Relationships are the fuel that feeds the success of our business.