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GOLD SMF-2 is used in baking, frying and dairy product making.


The baker that has used our oil has found that their bread has become:

  • Softer
  • Shinier (if butter is used)
  • Bread and bread products longer shelf life cycle

The mixture of pastry is usually 1 to 1 pound of flour + 1 pound of butter or margarine. With Gold SMF-2, you save 2-5% in lard, butter or margarine and the Baker is going to have big savings with our oil since the pastry will use less oil or butter.


In the making of donuts, our oil has NO competition. The oil at contact caramelizes the surface of the donut preventing the oil from penetrating the interior and keeping the donut dry.  Results are demonstrated when you see the inside of the donut, and there is a light colored center.


Our product works in three steps

When kneading the dough using our oil, the dough is easier to work with as it is more manageable

Palm oil decreases calories and trans fats per slice of pizza. There will be no splash of oil when opening the lid of the pizza box.

The crust is much softer and enhances texture


When frying our oil’s performance exceeds that of any national or imported oil. It lasts longer, and it does not pass on any unwanted flavor or smell.


Our Product is used in the following products

  • Creams
  • Ice Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Margarine

This industry seeks to substitute animal oils for vegetable oils. The challenge is to find the correct oil that will not transfer smell, taste and residue to the consumer.


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